Res & Co International Consultants

Restructuring & Privatisation
Over the last five years we have developed a strong track record in restructuring and privatisation working both on sectoral and individual enterprise programmes. We have worked in these fields in the UK, many ex-command economies of central Europe, in industrialising countries with large state sectors such as China, Turkey and India and in underdeveloped countries in Asia and Africa.

Small and Medium Size Enterprise (SME) Development
To counter the unemployment which results from structural adjustment and to strengthen the structure of economies in transition, we have advised governments on strategy and policies for SME development, implemented SME development programmes, evaluated SME programmes and helped improve the effectiveness of development and support units. In this field, we have worked in the UK, continental Europe, central Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Export Market Development Programmes
We have assisted a number of government programmes in India, Africa, central Europe and the Far East by developing policy, institutions and initiatives to improve export performance. These programmes have helped turn centrally planned and import substitution orientated companies into dynamic export led businesses.

Corporate Recovery
We have developed analytical techniques for addressing financially weak businesses which provide a clear understanding of the problems and the prospects of recovery. This approach has been used extensively to help managers or stakeholders in financially weak businesses to analyse the underlying causes of poor performance and develop strategies and implementation programmes to re-establish viability.

Mergers & Acquisitions and Joint-Ventures
We have extensive experience helping companies with diversification strategies, with reviewing the attractiveness of specific market sectors and with profiling acquisition targets and joint-venture partners. In the process of acquisitions and joint-ventures we have expertise in target valuation, measuring strategic leverage, negotiating tactics and post acquisition integration. In the field of M & A we have worked for corporations and merchant banks in the UK, Europe and North America.

Market Development
We have developed market strategies and carried out product launches for companies in the UK, other developed countries, ex-command and developing countries, looking to penetrate and build strong positions in international markets in Western Europe, North America, the Far East & Middle East.

Res & Co International Consultants